Connect with yourself and with others through yoga.


Hello, namaste.

My name is Joëlle. Yoga to me is about connection with oneself and with one another. My passion is to help people to connect through yoga. I believe that yoga helps us to be the best version of ourselves, on and off our mats. It gives us a better understanding of our inner voice and challenges our bodies to reach places that our minds don’t believe they can go. Whether you are interested in the physical challenges, the mental or spiritual aspects, I hope yoga will improve your life as it has mine!

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

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Give yourself the gift of yoga and reconnect with yourself.


Dharma Project

Yoga has given me so much and I feel giving back is part of a yogic lifestyle. This is why I founded the NGO, Dharma Project, in order to give back. Dharma Project is all about creating union, connection and giving access to yoga to everyone. It has been organising South Africa’s annual International Day of Yoga in Cape Town since 2016. This event brings people together - from experienced yogis to first-timers - to connect and celebrate the gift of yoga. This event raises funds for a local NGO called Earthchild Project which makes yoga accessible to South African children in townships.